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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Haitian Gold Rush Chronicles: Haiti From Riches to Rags and back to Riches...Silver, Copper, Iridium, Marble and Other Rare Metals Discovery

On The Fault Lines of Poverty and Wealth: Let the Gold Rush Begin: Haiti's Gold Mines, Copper, Iridium, Silver, Marble, and other Precious and Rare Metals Discovery

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This is just an excerpt from the ebook "Haiti's Gold Rush Chronicles, Haiti's Rags to Riches: On The Fault Lines of Poverty and Wealth: Let the Gold Rush Begin - The Gold Rush is On: Haiti's Gold Mines, Copper, Iridium, Silver, Marble, Huge Oil Reserves, and other Precious and Rare Metals Discovery"

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A rich country that is poor. Oh poor Haiti that was left naked by colonial greed! Oh rich Haiti that never stops surprising the world! Oh Haiti, a land of many mysteries and spirits, a land whose gold and riches never served her children, thus conditioned to receiving alms from the world! Oh Haiti, from your entrails, you are ready to spit out and expose your hidden treasures to your sons and daughters once more! May this time bring a total change of attitude and treatment of the men and women whose ancestors braved and defeated the shackles of slavery, discrimination, and abject poverty!

Let the gold rush begin! Haiti has gold! Haiti has iridium! Haiti has precious metals! These are the choruses sung by the international choir and headlined by the top newspapers and magazines of the world! Christopher Columbus (Colombo) and his Spanish cohorts subjugated the native Arawaks and Tainos to forced labor in the extraction of gold and other precious metals. The indigenous inhabitants of Haiti or Bohio were consequently decimated by hard labor, rapes, and diseases! By the end of 1500s, the news about Mexico's gold mines were more sensationalistic. The Spaniards packed up and left for Mexico. They did not have the time or the equipment to turn your innards to make you cough up your last treasures. Mother Haiti, you wanted to reward future generations who would watch over you despite all the drama and sufferings your land has gone through.

Hairless (treeless), your tall mountains kept deep secrets of beauty that men and women from all over the world covet. Far too many centuries, you have been made fun of because of your apparent poverty. Far too many years have found you begging the international community in order to feed your children forced to pile up in the capital, rested on major fault lines. The fatal hurricane only took 5 seconds to change things. Tectonic plates were moving and exposing your true and precious beauty!

May a new dawn arise for the men and women whose cries of hunger, famine, and fights for justice and dignity are heard the plains of Artibonite, the valleys and coastal ranges to the peaks of the northern mountains whence Henri Christophe, Jean Jacques Dessalines, Francois, Biassou climbed down. These mountains that sheltered the runaways fed not only the remaining indigenous inhabitants of the island but also the new black gold from Africa. European powerhouses were going to carve Hispanola. French would fight Spaniards who would fight English colonists. The majority of black slaves and the minority of Affranchis were watching. They would soon realize that it was in their interest to unite and go against the small groups of plantation owners, bankers, and business people who were keeping them separated based on privileges, skin color, and social positions.

Oh Haiti, how long did it have to take you before bringing some level of joy to the faces of Haitians stricken by a series of hurricanes, floods, and quake? Oh Mother Haiti, how long will it take for your sons and daughters to break the cycle of poverty and indifference?

How long will it take for your children spread all over the world to get back to your bosoms? How long will it take for them to want to stay home, work hard to see the fruits of their hard labor and take care of your grandchildren?

May the prophecies come true! On wings of eagles (malfini), they will be brought back to participate in the development of your once fertile land! With the expertise and knowledge acquired in the best centers of higher learning, they will be back to watch the mining of your resources. They will be proud of being your sons and daughters. In harmony, they will watch and prevent the exploitation of these rare resources.

Once again, you will stand up with your head held high. Suffering has given you enough wisdom. Compassionate, you will treat others with respect and dignity because you know what it was like to be the butt of jokes for far too long.

Once again, Haiti, you will reclaim your name, the Pearl of the Antilles (La Perle des Antilles). On your own terms, you will invite and welcome the rest of the world onto your shores. You will accept cooperation that is not masked by abuse and servile exploitation. You will open your arms to receive experts and workers who will help you rebuild hospitals, schools, and a strong business sector that will benefit all your children.

Haiti, you will pay attention to all these corporations, multinational companies that will come running to sniff around your skirts. Once again, you are beautiful and proud! Be careful with their charms that may leave your coffers empty and plunge you in a worse economic situation. Their track records do not say much about their fair business practices. Wherever they have been, they leave behind ecological damages, pain, and regret.


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