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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Learn Haitian Creole CD: Ann Pale Kreyol PlopPlop - Let's Learn Kreyol in no Time CD

Listen to Haitian Creole on the Go! Listen to Learn Haitian Creole Study CD: Ann Pale Kreyol PlopPlop! Understand the context, the cultural relevancy and use the right expressions and phrases. This CD also contains a review of the Haitian Creole vowels and consonants. It also has additional vocabulary. Get the textbook from Amazon Kindle to be able to benefit more.

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Product ID: 3122

Product Name: 3122: Learn Haitian Creole in one Week CD

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Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Purchase your copy now:

Product ID: 3122

Product Name: 3122: Learn Haitian Creole in one Week CD

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Listen to Haitian Creole Online: Listen to "Vwala Se Te Yon Fwa: Short Conversations and Dialogues in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole"

You can find this booklet at the following sites. (Pueden encontrar este libro en),,

Madan Cherilis Granpanpan antre nan klinik la avèk pitit fi li – Mrs. Cherilis Granpanpan entered the health clinic with her daughter – La Señora Cherilis Granpanpan entró la clínica de salud con su hija Sekretè-a ap poze-l kèk kesyon avan mis la oswa doktè-a wè-l – The clerk is asking her a few questions before the nurse or the doctor sees her – La oficinista le hace algunas preguntas antes de que la enfermera or el doctor la mira

“Bonswa.” – ”Buenas Tardes / Buenas noches / Hola ” – “Good Afternoon / Hello” ***(Bonswa – Good afternoon/Good evening – Buenas Tardes/Buenas noches. Bòn nwi se usa al despedirse. Bòn nwi is Good night / Buenas noches. Lè-w ou fin pale, ou pare pou pati, ou di bòn nwi. Alo – Hola - Hello)****

“Bonswa. ” – “Good afternoon – “Buenas Tardes”

“Ki jan m kapab ede ou ? Ou gen yon randevou?” Sekretè-a mande. – “¿En qué puedo servirle? Tiene una cita ? ” pidió la oficinista – “How can I help you? Do you have an appointment? ”

“Wi madmwazèl. M gen yon randevou pou tèt mwen. Men pititfi-m nan pa gen yonn”

“Si Senorita. Tengo una cita para mi. Sin embargo, mi hija no tiene una.” – “Yes, miss. I have an appointment for myself. But my daughter does not have one.”

“Ou genyen yon batistè?” - ¿Tiene ud. un acta de nacimiento ? ” – “Do you have a birth certifícate?”

Madan cherilis bay sekretè-a batistè-a – Señora Cherilis entregó el acta de nacimiento a la empleada de oficina. – Mrs. Cherilis handed the birth certifícate to the clerk “Pou anrejistre pititfi ou la, m bezwen dosye lekòl li.” – “Para inscribir a su hija, necesito su récord escolar.” – “To sign up your daughter, I need her school records.”

“M pa gen dosye lekòl li. M gen kanè-l.” – “No tengo su récord escolar. Tengo sus calificaciones.” – “I do not have her school records. I have her report card.”

“Ki kote ou rete? Sekretè-a mande. “Ki adrès ou?” – “¿Dónde vive ud.? Pidió la funcionaria. “¿Cùal es la dirección de su domicilio? ” – “Where do you live?” asked the clerk. “What’s your address.”

“M pa konn adrès mwen. M fèk vin rete nan yon kay nèf bò isitla (M fèk bwote bò isitla).” – “No se mi dirección. Acabo de mudarme por acá.” - “I do not know my address. I have just moved into a new home over here.”

Madan Cherilis vire gade pititfi-l la. Li vle mande-l èd, si-l sonje adrès kay la. – Sra. Cherilis dió vuelta para mirar a su hija. Querría pedirle por ayuda, que si se acuerda de la dirección del domicilio.” – “Mrs. Cherilis turned to look at her daughter. She wanted to ask for help, whether she remembered the address of the new home.”

“Eske ou genyen yon bòdwo pou dlo oswa kouran nan valiz ou?” sekretè biwo a poze-l kesyon sa-a. – “¿Tendrà la cuenta de uno de los servicios públicos, cuenta de agua or de electricidad en su bolsa?” le preguntó la oficinista – “Do you have any utility bill, water or electricity bill in your purse?” asked the clerk.

Madan Cherilis yon ti jan santi-l jennen. Li frustre. – Sra. Cherilis se siente un poquito ansiosa, nerviosa. Se frustró. – Mrs. Cherilis felt embarassed and anxious. She was frustrated. “Poukisa ou ap mande-m bagay sa yo? Poukisa ou ap poze-m kesyon sou lavi prive-m konsa? ” –

“¿Porqué me pide por todas estas cosas? Porqué me hace preguntas sobre mi vida privada?” – “Why are you asking for all these things? Why are you questioning my private life?”

Lè sekretè- a wè madan Cherilis tonbe ankolè, li eseye desann vwa-l pou-l ka kalme-l. Li sispann poze kesyon pou yon tikadè – Cuando la oficinista observó que Sra. Cherilis se puso enojada, trató de bajar su voz para poder calmarla por un rato – When the clerk saw that Mrs. Cherilis got mad, she tried to lower her voice in order to be able to calm her down for a while.

Madan Cherilis se yon dam ki gen move jan. Li kanpe byen kin pou-l kòmanse vide mo sal sou sekretè-a. L-ap gade adwat. L-ap gade agosh. – La Sra. Cherilis es una senora grosera. Estuvo lista para verter sus palabras feas a la empleada de oficina. Miró por todas partes, en la derecha e en la izquierda – Mrs. Cherilis is a woman with bad social manners. She stood ready to start pouring down the inventory of her dirty words to the clerk.

Pititfi Madan Cherilis la konnen manman-l pa betize ak moun. Li konnen ki sa-l ka fè nan klinik la. Li mande manman-l pou-l rete trankil. Li wè sekretè-a pa-t di-l anyen ki pou ta fè-l fache konsa – La hija de la Sra. Cherilis sabe que su madre no juega con la gente. Ella sabe lo que puede hacer en la Clínica de salud. Le pidió que se quedara muy tranquila. La hija observó que la empleada de oficina le dijo nada para hacerle tan enojada.

Obtengan todo el texto al comprar este libro. Get all the text of this story by purchasing a copy with one of these links

You can find this booklet at the following sites. (Pueden encontrar este libro en),,,,

Get a copy "Vwala Se Te Yon Fwa...." at now.

Get a copy of "Short Conversations and Dialogues: Vwala Se Te Yon Fwa" as a Nook Book(ebook)

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Find "Freedom Rides to Sweet Magnolia: Eyes on the Prize - Why I Got on the Bus" at Kindle and PubIt Now

Freedom Rides to Sweet Magnolia: Eyes on the Prize - Why I Got on The Bus
A Booklet of Poetry on the Men, Women, -Black as Well as White,
Young as Well as Old- Who Boarded Buses To Protest and End
Discriminatory Practices in the U.S.A.

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Purchase your copy of "Freedom Rides to Sweet Magnolia: Eyes on the Prize - Why I Got on the Bus" from Kindle now

Purchase a copy of "Freedom Rides to Sweet Magnolia: Eyes on the Prize - Why I Got on the Bus

...Excerpt from the Booklet of Poetry:

1961: Shaking The Status Quo
by J. J. Charles, writer/author

Welcome to the Camelot era. Indeed, a new president may bring in much needed change
JFK brings in a new way of looking at things: ensues a general period of malaise and upheaval!
The fruits of freedom that this country promised to her citizens are not enjoyed by all
Huge as well as small winds of change start blowing. To many, the Deep South is out of range
The images of separation, abuse, and daily torment are engraved in the minds of little boys and girls
Parents are fearful of letting their children go on to this mean world that does not spare the weak
The idea is to test and challenge the segregated travel facilities of the South through twist and twirls
Putting an end to Jim Crow that forced black people to use separate water fountains, public restrooms,
Waiting rooms, and back seats is not decided on a whim. Oh well, better to become change freak!
Aboard and onward we go! After all, such inhumane practices were abolished in courtrooms!
Soon the evidence of travels from Washington, D.C. through Charlotte, Columbia, Atlanta, Montgomery, Birmingham, Nashville, Memphis, Jackson and New Orleans shows it is easier to put a man into space
Than to change attitudes, customs, end Jim Crow and discrimination among the human race
Less courageous friends and parents cry as they witness the sacrifice of the freedom riders going merry

Freedom Rides: Why I Got on The Bus (Poetry Booklet)

Delivery of the booklet PDF is by Email

"Singing sustains and energizes us through danger and fear. Through long days and longer nights; through cold, hard winters; and hot, fierce summers, "freedom songs" nurture us, protect us, and keep us sane. They are the expression of our ideology, and the songs we sing together are the pledge of trust and committment that we make to each other."

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Kindle Digital Publishing and Released "Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Book: Let's Learn To Speak Haitian Creole..."

This new book, “The Definitive Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference” is designed to give beginning and intermediate learners of Haitian Creole an easy-to-use guide and sure foundation in the basic grammar,cultural relevance, phonology, context, and vocabulary of the language. It can be used by individuals who are working in the field and wanting to communicate with Haitians. In other words, it will focus mostly on interpersonal communication needs. It will make use of the most commonly used expressions, proverbs, phrases, exercises, notes, grammar explanations, and situational dialogues to expose you to the Haitian language and culture.
Some of the lessons will include topics related to church, construction of schools, health centers, homes, schools, tales,games, toys, fables, laundry, farming, travel etc.
Familiarize yourself with the sound of Haitian Creole by going to this free podcast:

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Get a copy of "Quick Haitian Creole Grammar Reference: Ann Aprann Pale Kreyol Chak jou: Let's Learn to Speak Haitian Creole Every Day" at now.

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