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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Josh C. Beckford's Fictional, Historical ebook: The Dead Hunt the Living (Zombie Apocalypse Part 1)

You can find this new title at or You can purchase it as a NookeBook right here.

Overview: Review of ".....Amazonian Apocalypse....The Dead Hunt The Living (Zombie Apocalypse Part 1)

Overview A very rich planter hired managers and overseers to run his best Saint Domingue plantations. Then he decided to travel to England, France, and Louisiana. As a rich planter, Scott Rockford did not want to stay in a colony that was going to change. His neighbors, afraid of maroons and zombie hunters, have already left for Cuba and New Orleans. Rockford wanted to raise enough money to start cutivating and harvesting cotton and sugarcane in Mississippi Delta. What will he do when the enslaved men and women brought by the new emigres joined the Dead who hunt the living. Will he ever return to St Domingue or will he start visiting Congo Square Slave Auction market or The Forks of the Road Slave Market at Natchez?


This picture is by R. nicaud congo-square_top_picCongo_Square_pictureCOLOMBIA/