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Sunday, April 3, 2011

UrbanBooksPublishing Has Just Released, "Listen to Haitian Creole CD for iPad, Iphones, Kindle and Android

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

Support independent publishing: Buy this disc on Lulu.

..........Pase – spent, past, expired – Egzanp: Semèn pase – last week; Farin nan pase – the flour is expired.
** Ou pale kreyol anpil – You speak Creole a lot
** Pitimi – millet. Egzanp: Avan ou manje pitimi, ou supoze pile-l, laye-l epi kwit li – Before you can eat millet, you are supposed to remove the shells by grinding it in a huge mortar, separate the good from the bad parts and cook it.
** San wont – Without shame. Egzanp: Without shame, she stole the woman’s purse – San wont, li vòlè valiz madanm nan
** Se ou menm ki ka di-l sa pou-l – You are the only one who can tell her what to do (The idea is that she will not pay attention to anybody else).
** M bezwen pale avèk entèl – I need to talk to so and so
Gonfle – to air up, to put air in the balloon. Egzanp: Gonfle balon an oswa boul la / Gonfle blad la – Air up the ball / Air up the balloon
** Gonfle / Konstipe – Constipated. Egzanp: Pa manje anpil avan ou al kouche. Ou ka gonfle. Annik pase yon tibayay (tibagay) nan bouch! – Do not eat before you go to bed. You can get constipated. Just eat something light!
Manje anpil patat dòmi ka fè ou gonfle – Eating a lot of preserved sweet potatoes may make you constipated.
** M bouke epi m okupe nan travay mwen – I am tired and busy at work
Tout timoun ka aprann Kreyol sou AyPad – All children can learn Haitian Creole on iPad
Granmoun ka aprann Kreyol ak Fransè sou MP3/PM3 ak Android (andwoyid) – Adults can learn Haitian Creole and French on MP3 and Android........

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